Will Kelly


All Valley Benefits, a Agency of Colonial Life serving the Coachella Valley. Helping businesses save money by making voluntary benefits available to their employees. Benefits that financial safety net to employees and their families and at no cost to employers. We Serve Local, Because We Are Local!

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  1. Louis

    Great presentation from Will his services are amazing and very important for every business!!!

  2. Carrie

    Will took the time to explain the different benefits available with All Valley Benefits. I was impressed at the low cost of some. Every business needs to offer benefits to their employees. Contact Will today to get started.

  3. Dayna Buompensiero

    Wow, such awesome information we learned about from Will. Who knew you could get dental, disability, accident, cancer, hospitalization, term or whole life insurance or critical illness insurance for pennies on the dollar. And, at no cost to the employer. What a great benefit to provide for our employees.

  4. Dayna Buompensiero

    Wow! Who knew you could get all types of personal insurance for pennies on the dollar? Offer these great insurance policies to your employees at no cost to the employer. Dental, disability, accident, cancer, hospitalization, critical illness and whole & term life insurance policies. Give Will a call to get the details!

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