Matt Fess


We Make Operating Your Business Easier

Our mission at Integrity Payments is to provide our customers with the best personalized service in the industry. To treat you the exact same way we would expect to be treated ourselves. You’re so much more than “just a number” with Integrity.

We will tailor fit a best in class, low cost solution for our merchants, and we’ll do it with honesty, transparency, and Integrity.

Thank you for your visit. We are excited to partner with you in shaping a more solid financial future for your business.

11 reviews for Matt Fess

  1. Louis

    Matt is the best at what he does

  2. Louis

    Matt with Integrity is really famous around town here in Coachella Valley he sets up restaurants with payment systems and does amazing job on saving them money on the bottom line

  3. Greg Kain

    Matt is very informative about the services he offers to his clients. If your looking for another alternative for your payment solutions in person or online. I would contact Matt to find out what is the best solution for your business.

  4. grace von Kriegenbergh

    Matt I amazing at what he does , He can help save you money as well as navigate better solutions for your business.

  5. Marius

    Matt knows his profession like no other and on top of that, is an awesome person as well! Thanks for your help

  6. Michael Roccisano

    I have spoke at length with Matt about the solutions he offers with Integrity Payments and I am very impressed with his knowledge of the industry, the number of solutions he has to make it easy to collect payments from clients, and his personal way of connecting with people. Matt is a valuable resource for every business owner in Southern California and you will be better off for getting to know him.

  7. Gabby Sandoval

    Matt is amazing and very knowledgeable when it comes to helping his customers save on c.c fees.

  8. Jose Beltran

    Matt is the go to person for payment solutions

  9. Rachel Cohen

    I have worked with Matt over the last 14 years. He has been professional, competitively priced and goes above and beyond for his clients.

  10. Dayna Buompensiero

    Matt is great to work with. He has affordable low cost and zero cost credit card options available for business transactions. If your business is looking to save on credit card fees, Matt is the one to call!

  11. Carrie

    Matt is dedicated to his clients. He takes the time to explain the service and will compare your current payroll system and show you where you can save some money. He has been in the industry a long time and will treat you right.

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