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FreeVolt™ Is an international solar manufacture that offers solar to homeowners at a whole sale rate less than the competition making solar more affordable. We are the only Solar company with patented graphene panels which increases efficiency longevity. Can you afford not to go Solar? #BReakFree

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  1. Michael Roccisano

    Marius spoke to us today about what a tremendous opportunity FreeVolt Solar presents to homeowners and energy users in the Desert. He showed us why FreeVolt is preferred among millions of solar energy providers on every corner. FreeVolt is a manufacturer of it’s own solar panels. They are able to service and maintain them for no additional cost throughout their 40 year life. FreeVolt Solar makes a simple proposition, lock in low energy rates now that will last for 40 years or subject yourself to the inflation in home energy prices for as long as you use energy at home. I highly recommend Marius and FreeVolt Solar.

  2. Jose Beltran

    Marius provided us some education about solar and I learned that solar is more affordable and easier to buy than you think. There is plenty of misinformation around solar so anyone who is interested should contact Marius and Freevolt Solar.

  3. grace von Kriegenbergh

    I had shopped many different Solar companies and Marius at FreeVolt was very informative and a preferred Solar company in Europe and now the United States with major big contractors that are building new homes .
    A huge plus as FreeVolt is a direct factory to customer which gives the customer not only a savings but the latest technology in their solar panels . I highly recommend Marius at FreeVolt.

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